Ali Reza Karimi Saremi


“The Rainy Men”

It was a rainy day. I had been invited to Anzaly port for a lecture ceremony about photography. I arrived at Rasht airport 0n 9.00 AM and reached the hotel on 10.00 AM the lecture would be on 6.00 PM, therefore I had a lot of time! I decided to go around for a walk, with my camera!
I went to seashore. It was raining slowly and a very lovely silence overwhelmed. The chairs in the café were empty of people in that rainy day. I started to take the first shot and again prepared my camera to take the second.
I had a nice indiscernible feeling so that I didn’t feel the passing of time. I looked at my watch, it was 5.30 PM. I had to participate in the ceremony, but a collection had been created which I named it “The Silence and the Rainy Men”